Gita, a native of Colombia, S.A. has been studying, practicing and teaching alternative therapies over the last 30 years. Gita is currently the director of the Integral Center for Yoga and Self-Healing Therapies in St. Augustine, Florida. She is a licensed Massage therapist, yoga and meditation teacher as well as a spiritual healer who employs her expertise and experience in breathing techniques, cranial sacral and reiki therapies. Gita also teaches international vegetarian cooking classes. Gita is a member of the yoga alliance.

"For the past six years I have participated in a yoga class under the guidance of Gita. Not only has my breathing and lung capacity improved but my flexability and range of motion has improved beyond my expectations."

Gita's "patient teaching, individual attention, and effective pacing have helped me on the lifelong road to achieving the yoga goal-unity of mind body and spirit."